Randy needs to audition

Randy and Gina and E.,

Hello pgp. I have been listening to guys since you crossed over with Low Budget FM, so it’s been a few hundred episodes and I keep asking myself a single question about the PGP. Why doesn’t Randy become an actor? The way Randy does live reads is a dead give away. He knows how to act. He may not know how to behave or vote, but he knows how to act. He’s hilarious on purpose and on accident. His look is almost completely unique (excluding Chas Bono).

On the last episode episode Randy said he needed to find a TV show to bridge a gap in his day not filled by playing video games. He lives in Los Angeles! Gina, Elijah, please convince this guy to take it to the next level. Doing the PGP is great. Being Conway’s producer is amazing. But Randy could run that town. Shakey’s cast him for a reason.

Incidentally, this would probably make things easier with the ladies.

PGPeep in Gainesville,