Random Thought

GiGi, Randall, and Elijah,

Love the show and have been listening since you guys and the Parent Experiment cross-promoted.  Anywhoozles begoozles, I must say, being in Florida for about 11 years, I’ve become rather Latinised and Latino friendly.  “Chacarron Macarron” by el Chombo is LEGENDARY!  I don’t know what’s happened this year where my favourite soccer podcast discovered it and now you guys, but we’ve been playing that song for a long while!  In fact, my wife and I consider it a party favourite!  That said, I can understand why it’s humourous to the gabachos y gringos of the world, but to me it’s about 4 minutes of spiritual awesomeness!

Love the show, love the Peeps, keep it up you guys, and dammit come to Florida!

Good spirits and many blessing,
Chuy, el Peepito de Florida.