Random Idiosyncrasies

First and foremost you’ve done over 500 of these bad boys so keep up the good work! Elijah, I’m glad to hear you are enjoying Drawn Together, very underrated cartoon series, it didn’t change the world or anything but, the movie which follows the ending of the series… EPIC! It’s everything I had ever wanted and more. Randy my friend glad to hear you have found the Nip/Tuck once again great television, HOWEVER!!! After season four, (Non-spoiler) the show and cast are taking from Miami and relocated to LA where they continue all their same Miami tricks and LA, and I do mean ALL. The series dies creatively after the season 4 finale and pretty much becomes a soap opera version of it’s former self, only adding the occasional celebrity guest to sell their LA face-lift and the addition of Anna-Lynne McCord.
Gina my love I have no idiosyncrasy for you,  and for that I’m sorry, don’t really watch pageant type shows, or reality TV such as Celebrity Rehab. Keep doing, what you do guy’s and before I forget, Randy pal,  Podfather, Mr. Fast Food I hope you can except what I’m about to throw at you as just friendly constructive criticism. Here we go, there’s something complete not-straight sounding about you referring to other guys as “Studs.” Gina can pull it off all day, everyday cause she’s a woman, you however… you might seriously wanna toughen up your vernacular!
Respectfully yours,