Pulled Over

Hey Randy, the whole “cop following you because he has nothing better to do” is NOT exclusive to LA. I live in Upstate NY (as I’ve said before) and in the area I live in, cops should be focused more on the criminal element and NOT just cruising around looking to meet their quota and give out a ticket. I work at a newspaper and get out of work at around 1am on the average. I have been through 3 DWI check points and have been pulled over twice in a matter of 2 months. It’s ridiculous. Thankfully I have been let go both times but both times were for bullshit reasons where they were just hoping I was drunk or something. They come ROARING up behind you and throw on the flashers….Immediately your ass tightens up and you start to “sweat” even if you’ve done nothing wrong.

You guys have inspired me to get some girls together to tackle the Stratosphere! Looks like a blast. Also, when are you guys going to come and take a bite out of the BIG APPLE? Gina seems like a great “tour guide” and I would love her to show me the ins and outs of NYC as well.

P.S. Randy I NEVER thought to compare you to CHAZ until YOU brought it up. But stop it, you are much better looking than CHAZ. Although your facial hair comes in about the same way. lol just joking Love ya, take care!