Announce The PGP!

Hey PGPeeps! Do you wanna be an announcer on the pretty good podcast? all you have to do is call our vm at 818-570-2216 and say the lines below (and of course improv!) and you’ll be the new intro to the show – even for our XM show! We’ll throw them onto the front of ever show as we get’em so step right up!

“Hi! I’m PGPeep ___ and you’re about to listen to The Pretty Good Podcast with Gina and Randy. Feel free to support the show by hittin’ that tip jar at or buy some real estate in peepton! (Ad lib here if you want…) Thanks and bye!”

Bring Chad To The PGP

okay peeps here’s the deal. thanks to peep Dana who suggested i do this, i just spoke to peep chad collingwood about what’s the biggest thing holding him back from coming out here and being on the show and the answer is $$.

so i’m thinking if we can raise like $500, that would help cover the cost of airfare and maybe a few other expenses while he’s here!

if everyone (including us) gave $5 or $10, we could give chad a much needed awesome weekend in LA and of course a guest spot on the show! does that sound good?

**if you don’t know what i’m talking about, please listen to the first half of today’s website wednesday show. and here’s the link to the reddit account:

and thanks in advance…this is gonna be great for chad!

Total Raised For Chad So Far By The Peeps – OVER $3000

Friends And Helpers Building Backpacks July 27th

Join Randy Saturday July 27th from 9AM-Noon at the LoanMart parking Lot to be a part of Friends and Helpers building backpacks and snack packs for needy kids in the area – lets do some good and have some fun!

Back to School Event
Sat., 7/27 9:00am – 12:00pm
Loan Mart parking lot
5805 Sepulveda Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA 91411

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