Prince as a Sex Symbol????

I know it’s only an observation you made based on what you saw at Prince’s concert recently but Prince as a Sex Symbol and women losing their minds?!?!?!? Ick. No one I know thinks that he is a sexy man. Talented? yes Funky and Fun? yes But sexy? No way! Gimme Bradley Cooper or someone you can “sink your teeth into” with some meat on their bones. That guy is a 5 foot nothing, dancing stick figure, borderline drag queen in platform shoes and glitter. I just can’t BELIEVE Gina was even remotely turned on. She must have just been swept up in the moment. ha ha ha Hell Randy….YOU ARE MORE ATTRACTIVE than Prince. Sorry – he just doesn’t do it for me. He’s not a “panty dropper” as they say.

P.S. Saw “Hangover 2”. It was funny and entertaining……Zack Galifinakus was not that funny and actually a bit distracting. He kind of irritated me now that you have pointed out how unfunny he really is. So there’s my 2¢. Keep up the good work PGP and did you ever find out what the connection is between Kevin Cronin and Charlie Sheen from Conway?

Love, Kristin