Pretty Prominent Guests

In this section, you’ll find our high rollers, our big cheeses and our muckamucks. This section is filled with episodes featuring recognizable guests from film, TV and radio. You may call them stars, but Gina and Randy call them friends! (Just don’t tell the stars that or Gina and Randy might get in trouble).
Adam Carolla
Tim Conway Jr
Teresa Strasser
Frank Kramer
Heidi Hamilton
Josh Robert Thompson
Wayne Resnick
Angel Martinez
Steve Gregory
Aron Bender
Steve Grad
Brian Whitman
Malibu Dan
Sam Phillips 
Kerri Kasem
Leo Quinones
Ethan Embry
Eliot Chang
Sunny Mabrey
Lynette Carolla
Scott Sandland
Dr. Reef Karim
Cooper Gibson
Vic “The Brick” Jacobs
Neal Brennan
Lynn And Alex
Ben Huh
Luke Wherry
Lee Roy Myers