Pretty Good Peeps

In this section you’ll find a decent cross-section of diehard PGPeeps. These are listeners who have nearly broken the tip jar with their generous contributions, as well as listeners who Gina and Randy have pulled onto the show for all kinds of bizarre reasons. Listening to these episodes will make you truly appreciate how incredible the PGP community is.
Carlos Alamillo
Alex Bernstien
Ned Bozik
Keith Brower
Richard Chang
Deondre Colvin
Travis Crandall
Pedro Echegaray
Amber Erwin
Peter Genovese
Max Gentelan
Karen And Ramses Gonzalez
Rob Grabendike
Josh Hood And Samantha Kersey
Allyson Manaois And Robert Irigoyen
Bryan Kurtz
Arik Martin
Andres Martinez
Gabe “Papi”
Dave Pressler
Dave Rich And Nichole Cee
Danielle Quinn
Robert Reyes
Ashley Roe
Michael Rutt
Tim Ruzic
Dennis Salvatier
Stewart Shutler
Josh Simpson
Jason Steinhoff
Paul J Wirtz