Pretty Good Pals

In this section, you’ll find Gina and Randy’s good friends, both past and present. It’s filled with people who have plenty of dirt on the PGP hosts and aren’t afraid to share it with everybody. Listening to these shows will both make you jealous AND relieved that you don’t have friends like these.
Caleb Bacon
Manny Blunts
Rich Boerner And Rob Fraizer
Langdon Bosarge
Marc Chambers And Tod Perry
Jen Conway
Dick And Darren
Lisa Donnelly
Crysta Garner
Jory Glick
Sarah Graalman
Jennifer Hartnett
Timothy Jones
Julie Lofrano
Bill Mahoney
Ashley Mendel
DJ Nice
DJ Caroline Posada
The Raging Peanuts
Cristin Ray
Oscar Rodriguez
John Salwin
Gerry Wachovsky
The Wong Family
Shanna Woolsey
Becky Wu