Hey Gina and Randy, you know I love you right? So what I’m about to say, I say with the L-O-V-E. PLASMAS DO NOT HAVE BURN-IN!!!! They used to back in the day, but technology has come a long way since then, and the problem has been fixed. Trust me, I have a plasma, and I’ve left the tv on pause for a few hours at a time on lots of occasions.  However, Plasmas do have image retention (can somebody wake Gina up?), but depending on which manufacturer you have, you won’t even notice it. As for Elijah’s claim about the deeper blacks, well the do, but the average person won’t really notice it. The reason I prefer a plasma over LCD is because i prefer a natural look over the ultra-bright, oversaturated look that LCD’s have. It’s all about personal preferences.

Now Randy, I seem to remember you saying a while back that you weren’t gonna judge a movie if you haven’t seen it. Having said that, why you hating on Thor! Haha.There are some people that read comics growing up, so all these comic book movies are dreams realized. Let them have their fun. I’m sure you’d be lined up to watch a WOW live action movie- even though most people would roll their eyes. So, you say you’re up for any challenge. Well, i challenge you to watch Thor and then talk bad about it all you want if it sucks. Love you guys, and I can’t wait to see you next week at the food truck festival. Have a great weekend.