Phone Suggestion For Randy.

Hey Randy,

I want to let you know that you should go with Verizon and get a Droid phone. I don’t care that other people tell you that the IPhone is the greatest thing ever, you need to take my advice.

I have had all 4 versions of the iphone on AT&T.. I loved the iphone, until I met the Droid X. It is way better than the iphone. Bigger screen, better reception (Verizon is better than at&t) Turn by Turn GPS navigation, the iphone gives you a map and direction, thats not GPS. If you miss your turn it’ll reroute like an actual GPS, iphone doesn’t do that.

If you want to look something up on your phone, you don’t have to go on the internet, go to google and type it in. On the home screen, there is a google widget with a microphone button, you click on it and speak and it’ll look up what you said.

Battery life is better.

One huge downside to it is that it doesn’t have as many apps as the iphone does. The upside however is that there are more customizable apps for your phone since any app is allowed and doesn’t have to be screened and approved by Apple. Verizon is cool with any app you want to make. That is also a downside since not all apps are quality apps.

Overall, I am happier with my Droid X than i was with all 4 of my iphones. Verizon just came out with the ThunderBolt, which is the same screen size as the Droid X but it is 4G… Either buy is better than the iphone.

Keep up the great podcasts guys, keeps me going through the graveyard shift.

Big Papi