Randy, Gina, Elijah

I am a fairly new listener and LOVE the PGP. You help me laugh through my work day so thank you very much for that. I grew up in Ventura and have a food suggestion for the next time Randy or Gina is in my little home town.. Try Corrales! Its a little hole in the wall walk up mexican food place that has everything from burgers to burritos and its delicious!! See the attach pic for the sign. I now live in Sacramento so I really enjoy hearing your stories about the beach and the harbor. Also a little tip/warning be careful going to Bates Beach. It has always been the nude beach and the people on the beach look like they have been there for 50 years NAKED! I just bought my PGP tee shirt and I can’t wait to get it. Thanks for all the laughs so far and thank you in advance for all the laughs to come.. Keep it up!

NorCal PGPeep