PGPeep Spotted @ The Grill

Hi guys,

My sister just told me that a PGPeep came in to The Grill today. He’s not a regular customer but has been listening to the PGP for years. I was just excited by this news and wanted to share. 
BTW, I avoid the Con like the Plague. Why? For one, my psycho ex boyfriend is a regular attendee. Since just about everyone goes there, you’re bound to run into enemies. In fact, my best friend was with her boyfriend and the ran into her boyfriend’s ex girlfriend. There was almost a fight between the two ladies.
I think it would be interesting to see how many people have had some crazy stories from the Con. I’ve been twice before, but this was before it was the ultimate nerdfest and had not hit the mainstream. There’s a mini nerdfest that is at a place called Frank & Son’s in City of Industry. I’ve gone there with Robert before. It’s like 1/4 the size of the Con, but filled to the brim with nerd stuff. I think it’s open every Saturday. Just a tip if you need your nerd fill but without the large crowds and the admission fee (at least I don’t think there’s one).