GnRnE~~~~~i have to tell you guys how much you cheer me up by just listening to you!!!  so i thank you!!!  i also have to point out that randy should go back and listen to PGP #0 or #1……..he comments on how he “doesn’t get” facial piercings!!!  i find it very funny since he just got his labret done!!!  i had that done years ago and took it out about 10 years ago.  after i took it out,  i (and my dentist) realized that the piercing eroded the gum line on my bottom teeth.  i now wish i never would have done it, but………..i was young and dumb!!!
randy……………….you are YOUNG!!  go have a good time with your life!!  you don’t need no stinking woman to make yourself feel worthy!!!  go out and enjoy life!!  as soon as you are comfortable with being alone, that person will walk in!!  trust me, i can tell you it’s true!!!!    so just say “fuck it” and ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!!!!!    just remember the dr. suess quote that is a good motto to life:
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
’nuff said!!!
love you guys!!!!  (no homo!!!!  *giggle*)