PGP theme

Hi, GRE,
Although I’m too old to be in your target demographic I’ve become a big fan of your podcasts – both at Podfather Studios and at Toadhop – thanks to Gina’s appearances on the Adam Carolla Show.  I’m not sure why a guy my age would be so entertained listening to a hot 30-something lady and a pair of 20-something dudes, but I like to think that it has more to do with your talent than my maturity level.  At any rate, since I am such an old bastard, who grew up cranking heavy metal and target shooting sans hearing protection, the ol’ ears just don’t work as well as they used to.  So, while I love the new PGP theme song and think Ashley is totally the man for coming up with it, I simply cannot make out the lyrics.  Would it be possible to post them on the PGP website?  I’d sure appreciate it, I feel like I’m missing a big part of a great song.
Thanks, and keep up the great work –
Todd, in the high desert
Maybe she plays with bubble wrap
And her cackle shatters glass
every time she laughs
Maybe he makes up words a lot
and girls don’t think it’s hot
that food is all he’s got.
they’re not quite the best but they’re still pretty good…
(never be the best but they’re still pretty good…)
(can’t afford the best but they’re still pretty good…)**