PGP Shirt!

This heat is killing me which really makes me wish I could afford to come out to Cali and hang with you guys for a few days and escape this Oklahoma heat wave we are having. I just read an article that said some rain we had on Tuesday actually took us down to 98 degrees, snapping a 13 day streak of it being above 100. Don’t worry though, the weathermen are saying we should be back up to 106 on Friday.Yay…. 🙁

Anyway, I love listening to the show, I know I was dying at work today listening to TV Tuesday and Randy getting super excited about the Power Rangers lol. I love that high pitch excited voice he has when he talks about stuff he really loves. It makes me happy. But onto the real reason for this email, I got my PGP shirt and finally took a pic of myself to send to you guys! *Nerd Alert* For Randy I had to add my 85 Tauren Hunter, Roshumba, to the picture! I don’t have much but I love supporting you all any chance I can! You guys rock! Take care!

Patrisha 🙂