PGP Seeking

Gina and Randy,
I’ve figured out many things that have flummoxed you guys. It’s all about “seeking”.
People (and dogs, and to a lesser extent cats) are “seeking” creatures. They won’t leave well enough alone, they keep seeking things out. It makes sense to do that in this open-ended world we live in.
Men and women are both seeking. I would say generally men are also more goal oriented. This has lots to do with Gina and Randy. For example:
Women’s behavior is inexplicable until you understand they are “seeking” but without a specific goal in mind. They may or may not go out with you or sleep with you (Randy), but they will act interested enough to “see what happens.” That’s seeking.
Men (Randy) will often have a goal: a date, or even more, with a specific woman of interest. But there is no way to know if he will get there. This woman you are interested in may be seeking, but even she does not know where she will end up, or how.
Gina, this explains your “touchy-feeliness” when you meet new people. There is nothing wrong with you (I think). You are just being a seeker, exploring what it’s like to touch and be physical with a new person. You are learning, that’s all. No specific reason or goal.
Doesn’t this explain alot? If you realize what is going on, you will be empowered. Revel in your own “seekiness” and that of others.
All the best from
-Tony (long-time PGP listener)