PGP. Randy Whine!

Hello G, R, & E!  After listening to the end of the second part of the montage, I have only two words to say….NAILED IT!  The blind kid, broke it down to Randy(for Randy) perfectly!  Randy, YOU ARE BLESSED!  You’ve got wonderful friends, and a great family.  The moment you realize this and TRULY not care about women approaching you, everything will fall into place.  I’ve listened to every single show and every time you lie to yourself claiming “This is who I am…now”.  Fuck that!  Your a great person, and fuck anyone else who doesn’t think the same(at least that’s the attitude you should carry). Think about it this way.  Everyone who’s come into your presence loves you for you.  There is no reason a woman would love you and want to “take it to the next level”.  Love the PGP!(and the bobsled and the Brian Whitman show w/ Gina and Rand, etc.)