PGP- love you guys!

Hey Miss Gina, Sir Randy and Elijah!
I’m listening to the podcast about Randy making his brother confess his stupidity and just had to pause it to write to you.
Now I’ve done my share of bullshit and think these kids just need to be scared straight! 2 suggestions… First, your parents need to put cameras around their property to catch whoever is messing with their cars and once they catch them ( which they will because kids are dumb) threaten to give it to the police unless they stop. Second suggestion, you do live in L.A home of wannabe actors. Just hire someone to play a cop and go to your home and scare the shit out of Kevin until he confesses. Make sure that after he confesses tell him it was all fake because I think it might be illegal to impersonate a cop lol. Make sure to get it on camera. It will very entertaining to watch over and over!
P.S I love your podcast and listen everyday! And my birthday is the day before Randy’s. I will be 23!
I’ve never wrote saying what I did on my 21st birthday because there wasn’t much celebration. I was 21 with a 8 month old son… I guess you can say he was my gift! Idk… lol Love you guys!