Gooooood  Afternoon
Gina hope you had a great vacation. Randy hope you had fun doing what you do, whatever that may be.. JUST KIDDING!
I just wanted to say that I love you both, love your show! I don’t know if my boss likes it so much because I randomly burst out in laughter through out the day.. OR else she just thinks I am crazy! But seriously you both and Elijah really get me through my day. Keep up the great work.
When I win the lotto  you can be sure this midwestern will be sending a chunk your way!
I do have a suggestion though… I love the PGP T-shirt and in fact (do you have any left??) BUT on top of making Tees I suggest a baby onsie!  I have a 9 month old (my opinion the cutest ever, but I am partial- see attachd pic) I know Payge (baby) would just love one. I am sure there are a lot of other moms out there and dads that would agree! I mean a lot of people love babies and even if they don’t generally they will feel obligated to say how cute, how sweet or whatever the baby is… So my point it would be great advertisment!
Bottom line you are great, terrific, amazing…  Do I need to keep going?  Keep up the great work (all 3 of you)
Rock it out with your Wang out! 🙂  (A little silly, but I couldn’t resist just blame it on my geographical location – WI)
Luv you all!