PGP Food truck festival

I enjoyed the show from Santa Anita.  I wish I could have made it but my son had his final football game of the season and for some reason that is more important.  Some random thoughts about the show.

1.  The GoCountry food truck is pretty good.  I know people who have eaten there and have really enjoyed it.  It is a very limited menu.  They are the first food truck sponsored by a radio station.

2.  If you go to the food truck festival in Ontario, it’s 20 minutes east of Covina.

3.  Once again, the show sounded great.  It’s hard to believe you were outside with bands playing nearby.

4.  In August, The Food Network will be airing the second season of the Great Food Truck Race.  A couple trucks from LA will be racing.

On another topic, even though Gina is partial to kitties, this is pretty cute:

I just watched “The Other Guys” staring Will Farrell and Marky Mark.  The movie is ok, but the first chase scene is great.  Watch it on Netflix.

Alex B.