PGP #675 – Three Years Later

I’m a couple podcasts behind so forgive me for the late message. Has it really been 3 years? Out of all the people to thank, I’m probably going to have to thank Tim Conway Jr., haha. Without Tim and his various shows, I wouldn’t have the PGP to listen to every week. Seriously, you 2 have come from being supporting characters in Tim’s crazy show to my al time favorite podcast. Sure, Randy annoys me from time to time with his speak before you think attitude, but his innocent heart always brings me back. Gina, you had me from hello. Your talent and charm ooze through the microphone and into my headphones. Your zingers and made me laugh out loud (for real) at work so many times, people thing I’m a nut. Your sincerity makes you all the more endearing. I can’t forget Elijah. I have to admit, I didn’t think you would stick around. Not because I thought you were a flake, I just didn’t know how long you’d be able to stick it out with Gina and Randy without the pay. I’m very glad you have and your addition has made the show that much better.

Thanks for the 3 years and here’s to many more!