Pgp #657

Hey G, R, & E,
I know Gina and Elijah hate it, but I gotta tell you, I LOVE it when Randall plays the Charlie Sheen song! Its makes me so fucking happy! Tonight I was listening to episode #657 while taking a bubble bath and drinking a bottle of wine, thinking to myself “life doesn’t get any better than this…” then the Charlie Sheen song started and my dick was officially blown off! It was the perfect trifecta of vanilla scented bubble bath, merlot, and catchy, autotuned, former crack head (and I use the word former verrrrry loosely!) I sang along to every word and did my own Charlie Sheen bathtub dance, complete with pointing and airpunching! Im sure it wasnt pretty, but it made me happier than Gina during a lockup marathon. Thanks for turning a crappy day into a pretty good one 🙂

Ashley R.