PGP #648: Saved by the Bell

Hi Gina and Randy (and Elijah!),

Just listened to PGP #648, and I can’t think of an announcement less exciting than Saved By The Bell being on Netflix, haha. I was just never a fan, and it reminded me of a time when I was in 7th grade: I was in an academic club called the Big “O” Club—yes, they really fucking called it that—and we had the choice of either going to a taping of Saved By the Bell or Jeopardy for a field trip. We, the students in the club, got to vote. Everyone, of course, went apeshit for Saved By the Bell, while I voted for…Jeopardy. I was literally the only kid to vote for Jeopardy.
I was and still am a huge nerd, but am dumber than a box of hair. 🙁
Hate Saved By the Bell but LOVE the PGP! xoxo