PGP 551 Pretty Good Piercing

Although I was having a crappy Monday, PGP #551 was the bright light of my day.

-Pedro the Churro Guy is awesome. Thanks so much for enlisting, despite your wrist injury (ouch!). And I’m looking forward to the PGPart-ay!

-Travis the K-9 champ — didn’t know you were in the Navy! I got seasick while on a cruise on my dad’s ship. You’re a major stud for being able to stay on the ship for months at a time.

-Deondre “The Tatt Stud” — You make getting a tatt seem so painless and relaxing. I don’t quite believe you, but you’re a major stud!

-Randy — Labret – Didn’t know what it was called ’til I heard the show. I’d refer to it as the under the lip stud. It clashes with the Jamaican Jaxx shirts, but you’re a pioneer. I’m sure you’ll start a trend.

Again, great show! PGPeeps rock!