PGP# 543: Filipinotown, Moving, Boobies!


Filipinotown? Wanna see it? Come to my old hood! LOL! I didn’t even know this place existed until a year or two ago.

And your multiple moves – you’ve got me beat! I have moved 6 times in the last 7 years. The longest I stayed in one place was 3 years.

My first apartment had “Mango Man” (this dude pushed a little cart around and sold mangos), the ranchera music at all hours of the night, and one stabbing. UNFORGETTABLE! CSI showed up and I even saw some guts or something hanging out of the victim’s body as she was rolled out on the gurney. She was 3-years old. Good times. We moved out in 6 months.

Lastly: I wanna talk about boobies. I think I shall blame my parents for love of boobies. There was a lot of, shall we say, “stuff” in our house that was not well hidden (i.e., giant playing cards featuring partially clothed women, books — “Playboy’s ‘So You Want to be a Star'” and  “The Illustrated Book of Sex,” — justto name a few. I thought of this because of the nekkid pix that showed up of my all-time girl crush Scarlett Johanssen.

I don’t know how I turned out straight. Seriously. I fear the nekkid stickaroo! LOL! I have seen one Playgirl mag in my life, but have perused several nudie lady mags.

Alritee… That’s all for now. Hi Randy and Elijah! Sorry, didn’t mean to leave ya’ll out. Girl talk, y’know. :p