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How can you not know who that is in Taladega Nights.
You guys call yourselves fans of The League.  Do you not remember Pete’s ex-wife in season 1.  Does Meegan ring even a slight bell?
This is my theory on why Gina can’t get into Friday Night Lights.  First reason is that it has to do with sports.  You even skipped the sports section on HBO Go so, you might be going into to expect the worst.
My second reason that Gina might not like Friday Night Lights is that it has kind of a conservative vibe and some Christian aspects from some of the characters.  I know you are a “bleeding heart liberal” so that might turn you off.  I’m not sure if any of those reasons make sense, but that was my shot at explaining it to you guys.
I just went through a week marathon of shows and they were all awesome.  Listening to you guys in marathon form is like watching TV shows in marathon form.  It was awesome.  I’m finally caught up now.
Thanks for all the pretty awesome work.