PGP 505- Mc Apple Pies

Hey PGP:

As a former McD’s alum, I want to dispute the apple pie discussion you had on #505.

The ‘old school’ apple pies were fried, hence why they kicked ass.  The new pies are baked, in an actualy oven, and overall pretty shitty.  The reason you think that (and consequently, the reason they taste like) they are cooked in the box is because they have a ‘shelf life’ in stores of……..  EIGHT HOURS.  Not 30 minutes like the sandwiches, not 20 minutes like the fries…  that would be 480 minutes. Do the McMath, and those son bitches are sitting out there from dusk till dawn.  you want a fresh (albeit still shitty) baked pie, you gotta get em at 11am.

Keep doing your thing…