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Randy, Gina, Elijah,

I just finished listening to #424 and felt compelled to comment.  Gina mentioned the “Triangle of Life” method for protecting yourself during an earthquake. DO NOT get in the “triangle of life”

The triangle of life advice is based on several wrong assumptions.  Several disaster organizations have spoken against this advice, and all agree that the Drop, Cover, and Hold method is still considered the appropriate action to reduce injury during an earthquake….(more info at
The recent earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, and now Japan, give us an opportunity to ask if we are prepared to handle such a large magnitude earthquake.  After all, Southern California is located right smack in the middle of earthquake country.  Here are some links and videos that should help the peeps understand and prepare for a large earthquake,
(In 2008, several scientific studies were done to simulate the affects of a 7.8 earthquake in Southern California)
Sorry for being a debbie-downer, but emergency management is what I do, so I felt compelled to respond and correct any misconceptions.  After all, when the PGSheeps tend to wander off, we must always guide them back home.
Thank you for doing the Lord’s work, your podcast gets me through the painful Southern California traffic.