Pedro Echegaray

Pedro, aka: The Churro Guy, has been on the mic at PGP live events with his ADORABLE son, who graced us with his hardcore rendition of “Thriller”.  Pedro also hooked Gina and Randy up with fantastic tattoo artist Josh Simpson…AND he’s stuffed us full of incredible BBQ on not one, but TWO occasions! We love Pedro and the entire “The Churro Guy” family.
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PGP #500 – The Pretty Good Tattoo

Thank You So Much For Supporting The PGP Through 500 Episodes!!! To Celebrate, Gina, Randy, Elijah and Tim Jones went down to Simi Valley With PGPeep Pedro to Charlie’s House Of Tattoos to watch and listen to Randy get the PGP logo tattooed on his shoulder LIVE! Plus HUGE Shoutouts from some of our favorite guests from the past as we celebrate 500 more PGPs!


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