I didn’t realize that PDA is so offensive to people when it’s just showing that two people care for one another. I don’t see anything wrong with it. If it’s grinding or ferociously shoving their tongue down the other’s throat that’s one thing, but how is sitting on someone’s lap or hand-feeding offensive? I don’t get it.

I know it’s a controversial issue, but I’m a huge supporter of the PDA within reason (examples above). I think a big reason why people are against PDA is because they are single and it’s a reminder that they don’t have someone to do that to them. I’m not saying that’s what you guys are like, because I understand sometimes it’s for sanitary reasons, I get that. Just speaking from experience, because THIS guy here was one of them, but I still appreciated that it was practiced.

I just think that it’s really cute that a couple can do those sort of things and screw anyone who sees. I only hope that in my future relationships, my girlfriends would be into the PDA. My last one was pro-PDA, (i know, get the lynch mob right?), and it was flippn great.