“Once Upon a Time” and other TV Tuesday Stuff

Hey Gang,
Between the lines of the premise you read for the new show “Once Upon a Time” (I don’t remember which network you said it was for), I was reminded of a series of books that, while you may not enjoy reading, may at least give you an idea of what they (hopefully) were thinking of: Jasper Fforde’s ‘Nursery Crime’ series, starring Jack Sprat and his partner Mary (as in ‘Mary Mary Quite Contrary’). It is some pretty original writing, and if the show creator(s) were inspired by those books, it will probably be really good. Anyway, regarding the new shows “Pan Am” and “Playboy Club” (which I assume you will have spoken about on Wednesday’s show), I think that NBC and ABC appear to be completely oblivious to one simple factor in banking on “Mad Men”-clone shows being successful: network censors. If you can’t show any nudity, or use anything stronger than ‘bitch’ or ‘ass’, it’s not going to be as compelling as the shows on cable that can. If Showtime or HBO was showing a new series called “Playboy Club” or “Pan Am”, and going as far as you could imagine those show titles going, they might be worth watching.

Anywhen, love the show. Keep up the great work!