Oh gina it wasn’t supposed to offend you!

Gina and the rest of the PGP:

Miss Gina Grad I hope you had fun at the range this weekend. Im flattered you read my email. Have a couple things to clear up.  The 9mm you shot seams more badass because im guessing it was a polymer gun. Lighter gun frames’ recoil is much worse than revolvers or a steel semi auto. I wasnt trying to make the 9mm seem inefective, of course its effective, its a gun. But its not a painfull gun to shoot it should be a fun gun to shoot. James bond used a .380 and he’s still a sexy badass. I was simply trying to encourage you to broaded your horizon a little with a slight ribbing. And congradultions Not for your good marksmanship.

One thing I want to point out is we dont have the crime volume that LA has. Where Im from we have mostly drunk tourisits and backwoods hillbillys. I shoot with cops fairly often. I just gave 2 new officiers private lessons because they were afraid of thier issued 9mm. They wanted to shoot with me before shooting with their fellow officers at an outing. As far as Police Officers using 9mm there is a reason. Many have lost lawsuits for “excessive force” due to an officer having a high calliber side arm. Most police officers are issued a 9mm and do not have an option to carry anything different. Police officers want people to survive their wounds. 50 cent was shot 9 times with a 9mm.
Look I didn’t mean to ruffle feathers. Its been a few years since I was in LA and oh how quickly one forgets how very different life is in Cali. Im just a commerical photographer who happens to enjoy shooting sports and listen to you guys. Ill send you a video of you promise not to post it on your site. And take your producer shooting, he may just smile or have some sort of other reaction that gina can document. Oh and randy my tummy hurts from your mylee impression. Thanks for the humor guys!