Not exactly Girl Talk

Hey, GRE,

I got my new purple PGP tee in the mail!  The proof is attached, though it is somehow a combination of one of my worst photos plus one of my worst faces, so…yeah.  Not exactly website material. 😉

Anyway!  So when you guys played the Swermp Perple clip on the show the other day, the only thought running through my head as I listened was how much the guy reminded me of El Chombo and the Chacarron song.  So, as apparently happens now when I listen to the PGP, an idea got lodged in my brain and I couldn’t shake it until I did something about it. So…I’ve attached something else for ya.


Download It! | Open Player in New Window

And, hey, Elijah, great job on the PGPeepcast!

I remain, as always, your loyal fan.  Boom flashy flashy,