New Listener

Hey Gina, Randy & Elijah, I can’t believe I’m sending an email to a podcast. This a first for me but I had to say, I love listening to you guys!!!! I just started about a month ago. It’s funny how I found you, I’m a huge fan of Teresa Strasser & one day I put her name in the search box of itunes & 2 of the things that came up were Paul Gilmartins Mental Illness Happy Hour & an episode of your show from when she was pregnant. Gina, I listened to your interview on Paul’s podcast & I knew I had to subscribe, I loved your energy & openness. Randy cracks me up with his I don’t care attitude & Elijah is super mellow but brings his own brand of personality to the show ( plus he’s kinda cute for a young guy). The 3 of you have wonderful chemistry together. Keep up the good work.