My new favorite part of the show

Dear GRE,
I have to say that Elijah has been killing it lately.  The portion of the show that always makes me laugh is when Elijah interjects with those comments about Randy doing drugs.
Whenever Randy finishes talking about smoking pot, Elijah calls it crack or some other type of harder drug.  This sends Randy into one of those strange conniption type of high pitched outbursts how it is not crack.  This makes me laugh out loud every single time because I can imagine the grin on Elijah’s face when he says that.  

One thing that is getting old is the news intro bit that you guys do.  It was sorta funny the first 5 times that you did it.

I’ll for sure keep listening either way.



Randy.  It is not common knowledge that the guy from Oingo Boingo is now doing scores for movies.  It maybe for someone like yourself who is deeply into 80’s music, but for the average person that is not common knowledge.