Dear randy and gina, you guys should take a listen to florence and the machine, they are a fantastic group made up of a young british woman named florence who is the vocalist, and a backing band called the machine, the music they make is absolutley wounderful indie kind of art rock, they are definatley worth checking out. I am saying this because recently on a show, randy said new music sucks, to that, i must say that you simply arent looking in the right places, indie rock has never been better, groups like the black keys, vampire weekend, spoon, MGMT and others are what are keeping music alive these days, trust me, that crap that is in the mainstream is only the thin coating of shit on modern music, give a few of these groups a listen, i promise you wont regret it.


p.s. If you do give florence a listen, i recomend im not calling you a liar, kiss with a fist, or between two lungs, as those are my favorite 🙂