Muppet Babies and Hanson!

Hey studs,

I was catching up on last week’s shows on my way to work and just HAD to comment.

When Gina broke out in the “muppet babies” theme song, I simultaneously also broke out in song in my own car. I couldn’t BELIEVE i pulled those lyrics somewhere out of the back of my brain. I LOVED that show!

And, most importantly, my brain exploded when you did news on Hanson. They are MY FAVORITE and I would buy their beer in a heartbeat. They are such talented musicians and after seeing too many shows to count over the 14 years of being a fan, I get so giddy when they come up in the news, they deserve so much more recognition than some of the auto-tuners of today.

Here’s 2 of their latest videos, get your dance on! and

Love love LOVE you guys. Happy Monday!

e m i l y