Mr. Fast Food

Hey Gina and Randy,

It’s finals week at my university and I spent the night in the university library. I got a craving for fastfood at about 1AM so I decided to leave and find the first burger place still open(with the exception being NOT a McDonalds).. turned out to be a Wendys.. I ordered 2 double cheese burgers (double stacks) and a medium fry. I haven’t eaten Fast food in over a year so it was nerve racking to think “I’m putting this in my body.” The burgers tasted pretty good. I closed my nose  as best I could for somebody who was also driving, and trying to eat. Gotta say the burger tasted decent, but definitely not as good as when my nose was open.The Frys were really delicious, so I give Wendys props for good fries.

All in all the greasiness of the food makes me feel like I ran over somebodies cat and makes me recall why I went Vegan months ago. This one time in a year or more is enough fastfood for me for quite awhile (and I grew up on fast food like Randy).

But I love you guys so I appreciate Randy’s enthusiasm for fast food regardless the health implications.

Best Wishes,


P.S. I eat a balanced, organic Vegan diet for about $7 a day – That is as cheap/cheaper than living on fast food.