Mr. Fast Food – The Chicken Soft Taco Scam

Ever since I was a child, one of my all time favorite fast food items was the Del Taco chicken soft taco. Chicken, cheese, lettuce and  that super awesome secret sauce was quite the deal back in the day when they were only 59 cents. Now the price is nearly double that, and the quality and quantity of this soft taco has gone way down

About a year ago, Del Taco ran a promotion claiming that the chicken soft tacos were now coming with TWICE the chicken in them! Of course what they didn’t tell you was that they were also raising the price from 79 cents to 99 cents…but hey, 20 cents for double the chicken sounds like a good deal, right?

Maybe you haven’t noticed in the last month, but since that promotion campaign ended, I was finding less and less chicken in my chicken soft tacos, to the point where last night i ordered 2 99 cent chicken soft tacos that barely had 3 pieces of chicken in them. I never thought Del Taco would pull a Taco Bell like scam of advertising an increased size in product, only to raise the price and eventually reduce the size of the product back to normal and keep the high price (I’m looking at you, former 99 cent taco bell combo burritos)

There are plenty of great deals at Del Taco, but I officially have to declare the “new” 99 cent chicken soft taco, not worth the price.

Mr Fast Food