Mr Fast Food – The Best Feast You Can Get For 6 Bucks

As you know, I LOVE El Pollo Loco, it’s fresh, the salsa is tasty, and its better for you than most fast food places. My personal favorite thing to get at Pollo Loco is the simple 2 piece breast and wing meal (Pollo Loco thighs are incredibly fattening BTW) It comes with 2 flour tortillas, but you can get double for 20 cents extra!

As for sides, get 2 garden salads, but instead of the dressing get 2 sides of Pico de gallo salsa and 2 sides of avocado salsa and mix those in with your salad! Now take your salsa-ed salad greens and spoon them onto a tortilla and add some chicken pieces and enjoy a healthy, incredibly tasty and great smelling chicken soft taco! make as many as you can, and then put the rest of the chicken in the salad bowl! BEST MEAL EVER!

Mr Fast Food