Meatloaf bashers

Dear Gina and Randy,

I was listening to you guys bash meatloaf… how dare you! Well, I suppose it’s because you have never had ultimate meatloaf, let me explain. First we will start off with the meat mixture, its similar to an Italian meat ball, with special consideration to keep it moist. In the center of this meatloaf, stuffed with mashed potatoes, sounds good so far right? In the center of the mashed potatoes, ohh nothing cheddar cheese.    With a dish this good do i dare cover it with ketchup, only if I live in a trailer park and have a bare foot wife. No, no how about a home made marinara, roasted tomatoes with garlic ohh so good. Serve this with some grilled asparagus or green beans almondine, a little bit of heaven is what you have. Now if Gina had her return to beef with a meal like this… she should be so lucky.
                               much respect and love,
                                                                 Justin Tucker