Loved the Vegas Show and Some Vegas Info

Hey there Randy Gina and Elijah! Mark the bass player checking in! Loved today’s episode about the epic Vegas trip can’t wait to hear part 2 manana. Really with I could have taken part in the shenanigans but unfortunately I had to move from Vegas last year.

Couple of things about Vegas though after hearing today’s show from a “Vegas expert” (as least that’s what my old business cards would have you believe!)

For Elijah the Luxor is deceptively small from the outside inside it’s huge it’s the largest atrium in the world just looks small from the outside. Also in the pyramid rooms the elevators are on the corners and go up sideways. Weird feeling at first.

The South Point is actually a pretty nice place they have a lot of rodeo and equestrian events there and also the Spazmatics play there on Saturdays! It’s just a little out of the way but it’s nicer than you might think.

That old school casino on the strip you saw is called Bill’s Gambling Hall. It used to be called the Barbary Coast until a couple of years ago. That sign you saw is for Drai’s nightclub which was like the first upscale club on the strip. Gets overshadowed now but in the day it was the place to be when the sun was coming up!

For some reason it always smells like ass around Caesars Palace I never figured out why.

Here’s the deal with the Terribles. They own a ton of gas stations/carwashes in Vegas and there’s a Terrible’s casino too right by the Hard Rock and as you can guess it’s not exactly the Bellagio. They also handle a lot of the slot machines that are in the gas stations and supermarkets and 7-11’s and yes they own all 3 casinos at Primm. And I agree why anyone would want to actually stay there is beyond me. Only reason to be there is the outlet mall.

Randy is right about the dealers having to start at small crappy places and move up and a lot of it is still who you know and people don’t give those jobs up easy.

More trivia (as that wasn’t enough!) The Strat is the only Strip casino that is actually in the city of Las Vegas.It’s a little known fact that everything south of Sahara Blvd is actually in the town of Paradise including the airport but it’s just called Las Vegas to keep it simple and for branding.

Ok that’s enough for today just wanted you guys to know! Thanks for the PGP it’s truly the highlight of my day.

Another loyal PGSheep,

Mark the bass player