Listening to you talk about music sometimes can be a little frustrating You do have a decent background and taste level it’s just sort of at a novice level no offense.  I come from a family of musicians and archivers my father had over 3500 lp’s our family collection is well over 5000. Terabytes of digital music and a life long passion of seeking out amazing new interesting and hip music. To many genre and sub genre to note. That being said instead of ridiculing your taste, I’m going to educate you a little help broaden your scope a little let you decide what you like and how things rank.

So lets start with Hip Hop I know you’ve been rockin a lot of West Coast stuff Here’s 10 classic Hip Hop records not in any order but any real hip hop fan already knows these records back and forth there not deepcut records they’re Classic’s

1. Stakes is High- De La Soul
2.Midnight Marrauders- A Tribe Called Quest
4. Ressurection-Common Sense
5.Liquid Swordz- GZA
6.Mobb Deep-The Infamous
7.Gangstarr-Moment of Truth
8.Mos Def-Black on Both Sides
9.Eric B & Rakim- Paid in Full
10.The Root’s- Illadelph Halflife
11.The Pharcyde- Bizarre Ride

Sorry had to include at least one LA group for you Pharcyde though super Dope.