Living in L.A.

hello PGP PEEPS!!

Well living in L.A. is not so bad if youre a native From L.A. Traffic, road rage, etc. BUT if youre a native from Ghetto L.A. (which i am) u get those 2 plus alleys with fucking couches and all kinds of fucking trash and you dont freak out when u see a cop behind you. its just our  nature i guess. BTW fucking cops are busting balls when someone out there is getting smoked somewhere in the ghetto.

I live in the Florence-Firestone area. which by the way, is part of the gang tour gina was trying to get tim conway jr and randy to go to. One time i had to pick up my mom from her job like at 11pm on central and 59st. At that time i was driving a “gangster” car. A 1978 Oldsmobile. with parts of different colors. these types of cars tend to atract the attention of the cops. On top of that my lic. plates read BOB MRLY!! my musical idol BTW.  my car was smoking hot. Not a bad ass car but my fuckin radiator will boil hot most of the time!! LOL!.

After i picked my dear mom, on the way back home On Central Ave and like 76th street, a fucking sherrif passed me, busted a bitch ( U turn) and pulled me over.  i also will say i was wearing an LA dodger cap.  Stereotyping bastards! Me and my mom  were so not freaking out. becuz we is in the GHETTO!! and is expected. cop questons me with the spotlight on our necks. he says “señora no se mueva” = “lady dont move” and also said “and put your hands outside the window”. asks if i have any drugs, what with the bob marley plates im like “hes the reason i started playing the guitar”.again stereopyping. But i didnt give a shit if they wanted me to search my car cuz i didnt have anything to hide. No Drugs and a clean record… fuck’em!

All this was happenning while my fucking car was boiling like a fucking tea kettle!! motherfucker was whistling to! LOL!!  And of course the patching excuse was “we received a call of a suspicious vehicle that match your description” im like I really doubt a there’s a fucking car that matches my cars fucking 4 colors.

Cops that work in the ghetto are mostly ball busters!!

thats one of my stories of my ghetto life with the cops.

K peeps keep up the good work and lets have another conway whitman pod cast ey guys.

Yours truly