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Photo Shoot

Since the Friday shows has taken on a certain theme (#MistressGina), you guys should recreate the Seinfeld Rolling Stone Cover. Ashley can be Jerry and you should have Rand rocking a Gimp suit mask (mouth zipper closed of course). That photo would be magical!!!!!!!!! Just a suggestion.


90’s (what i miss about)

Whats up guys and pretty lady…
What i miss the most about the 90’s is the fact that Tv was cooler
Saved by the bell
Beverly hills 90210
TGIF of course!!!!
And the best toy would have to go to the SUPER SOAKERS!!!!!!
You were the coolest if you had the super soaker 100  until the 1000 came out with the tank of water on your back
and my wife says the multi colored scrunchee socks and jean jackets
cmon Gina u know you loved those socks!!!
Oh and the girls loved that board game Girl Talk.. my siser would make me play with her friends. luckily i didnt have to call any boys on the phone.
and last and certainly not least the best band of the 90’s METALLICA!!!!!!!
Metal Forever,
Pedro Da Churro Guy

What I miss about the 90s

G, R and E

Loved: ripped jeans. Flannel shirts. Backwards No Fear hats. Lace dresses with leather jackets. Dance clubs. Meth. Playing Pool. KNAC. CC Music factory. Marky mark. Falling in love. Having my baby.

Hated: Nirvana. Meth.


Loves. Xo

Money Saving Tips

Hey G, R & E,
I swear this is the last time I’m going to email you guys but I wanted to thank Randy for the tip to call Verizon to get rid of my piece of crap Droid phone. I’ve been calling them almost daily for weeks to get my upgrade date changed from October to now. It finally worked yesterday, my iPhone 4s will be here on Thursday. Thanks Randy!!!!! Love your show, you guys are the best!!!


Bring back the PJs!

Hey, GRE,

I was just thinking.  A little while ago when Randy’s PJs were a thing, the idea was fronted of getting some PGP pajamas going (which, if I recall, ended up on Facebook being called “PGPJs”).  I was unreasonably excited about the idea, but I guess it never took off.  However!  I got to thinking that it might be time to start thinking about them again…in time for the 1-800-Loan-Mart Pajama Run!  How about THAT for the PGP team in the run? 🙂

Give it a thought, Randy.  It’s great SYNERGY! 😉

Laterz, gators.  Boom flashy flashy,
– Rob

To brighten your day

Thought this would brighten your day:

Little birdie in the sky;
Why did you do that in my eye;
Now I won’t shout, and I won’t cry;
I’m really glad that cow’s don’t fly.

You all are great!

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