Let’s Play Some Australian Trivia!

Hey Gina and Randy,

I am going to Australia for 40 days, and decided to check out a book on the country’s history since I did not want to be a “stupid American.” In the back of the book was Appendix 4: Australian terms translated to American English (that title still makes me laugh). Wouldn’t you know it Gina, ‘Bob’s Your Uncle” was back there! As you stated before it means “and there you have it.” Well as I made my way through the list I was amused by all these different phrases that I couldn’t figure out so a friend and I started playing a guessing game to guess their meanings meaning. So here are some terms I found amusing,

  • Silly Season: Christmas Season (Early to Mid november – January 26)
  • Break Up: Big party to kick off Silly Season
  • Chockas/Chocka Block: Full, as in “the bar is chockas tonight“
  • Cozzie/Costume: A Swimsuit
  • Died In The Arse: When a Car breaks down it may be said to have ”died in the arse”
  • Fairy Floss: Cotton Candy
  • Hole In The Wall: An ATM


  • Hooroo: Bye Bye!
  • Hundreds and Thousands: candy sprinkles like on cookies or cupcakes
  • Root: Sex
  • She’ll Be Right: Not perfect, but good enough.
  • Spaz: a very derogatory term for someone with a physical impairment
  • Spit The Dummy: Get Really Upset:
    • Maccas: McDonalds
    • Hungry Jacks: Burger King