L.A. Noir

Hey guys just a few notes to point out about this game. It’s really fun, and it’s nice that even though it tells you to stop running people over, nothing’s going to happen except your partner gets pissy at you and your end fines go up. The bad thing is that nothing happens. Nobody chases after you, nobody drags you out of your car, you can do whatever you want. In fact, there’s an achievement that you get if you can rack up 47k $ in fines of damages. My friend and I only managed 27k, it takes a good long time to destroy that much money’s worth. But it was good times, “RUN OR DIE!”

The game doesn’t change every time you start it new, but the cases do have different results depending on what order you go to first to investigate. I’ve technically played it twice (but haven’t beaten, was going through the game again with my friend starting). The good thing about this game is that there’s so much going on to look for and remember, you can’t remember it all the first time. So the second time you might know where some of the clues are, but if you had a hard time with the interrogation the first time then you might not remember how everything was the second time around, so it’s as if you never did it. At least it was for me, bad memory has its perks.

Overall they could’ve made this game better content-wise to get you more into the world itself, but it’s a great beginner’s game for those starting out with this kind of open-spaced gameplay. Try it out Gina, I think you’ll get the hang of this one easily enough. Rockstar takes care of a lot of the details for you so you can just PLAY and not have to micromanage.