Kevin is a Moron

Hey G, R, and E. Thanks for the great shows. Since school is out I’ve
been able to download your shows as soon as they are posted. Randy,
like your brother Kevin I am also going to be a senior in one month.
You are indeed correct that Kevin is a complete retard. I’ve past
geometry and algebra and I have so much credits that I’m able to take
basically any classes I want next year. Oh did I also mention that I
was blind? Kevin, get a grip you moron. You basically have your
education handed to you. Did you have to find other ways to finish
your work when something is inaccessible? Did you ever fall behind
because your book wasn’t in an accessible format? High school has been
so watered down that the only ways you can fail is if you are an idiot
or lazy. Is there a really a difference? A clear indication of Kevin’s
idiocy is the company he keeps. I don’t know what the appeal is if
your friends treat you like shit. Sorry for being so long winded. I’m
just so frustrated that my peers these days are so uncaring about
their future while I have to work my ass off because my future depends
on the education I get. I guess they don’t have to worry as much
because McDonalds will always be hiring. Can you imagine a blind guy
taking your order for strawberry pie Randy? I guess I can receive SSI
every month but I refuse to be a leach on society’s kindness. Any who,
Randy I hate you every time you talk about food because some places
you mention aren’t located in Orange County. Hopefully one day I can
come out to an event and meet you guys in person. I can’t donate now
because I’m not working but when I do I will drop a few greenbacks in
that tip jar. I would love to be on the show one day. Keep up the good
work and thanks for reading this email. If there are any errors I
apologize. I’m experimenting with a new word processor.