Keep your head up Randy…You’re awesome!

Hi G,R, & E,

I have been listening to your show for a while now and every day I cannot wait to open stitcher and get the next show. You guys have really grown on me and I really wish I lived closer because I would love to come meet you all. I have a few observations to make, which is the point of this email.


1.       Randy, you are an awesome dude and I would feel blessed to have you in my life as a friend, and I know Gina and Elijah feel that way. You are funny as hell and a caring person; it comes through in the show. From what I gathered you felt you were dating outside of your league with these last two girls, but I say they were dating outside of their league(s). Keep being who you are and when the time is right God will put you in the right place at the right time with the right girl. Keep being who you are and your time will come. (BTW: I am NOT gay at all I just have no problem telling another man a few good things about himself, and there is much awesomeness with the wangster!!!) LOL

2.       Gina, You are absolutely awesome too!!!! I love the fact that you can be girlie girl but not too much girlie girl. You seem like a catch too, and “NOT” is a very lucky man. Also, not to sound creepy but the picture on the “about” page on the PGP page is a HOT pic of you!!!  It is awesome that you are getting into guns and shooting. I live in the south right now and am not much of a hunter (which is weird in this part of the country) but I absolutely love shooting. I have been trying to get my wife into shooting for the last few years and she is finally starting to come around a little bit. Also, you too are very funny and make me laugh out loud a few times every day…Keep up the good work!!!

3.       Elijah, I do not know what has gotten into you lately but you’ve really seemed to open up and cut loose a little more than you have in the past; and it is AWESOME!!! You are hilarious and (to me) it is just starting to come out on the show. Also, you do a kick ass job PROducing the show, keep up the good work.